Farewell, Dean Damon

As you already know from my last post, I didn’t like Dean Damon’s agenda and direction he took the Boulder Valley School District in as superintendant after taking the post in 1990. Despite that, however, I read his entire blog he started on Jan. 8, 2009, for his family and friends to read about his lung transplant surgery and recuperation. The link was provided in his obituary.

This intimate story of Damon’s family working together in love touched my heart. And, when Frazier, Damon’s son, announced on May 4 that his father had died, I cried. They all had hoped for so much, struggled through the downturns and rejoiced with good news. To have it end with disappointment was terribly sad.

The story began with Damon’s surprise and excitement after getting a call his new lung was available after being on a waiting list for just over a month. He and his life partner, Bill Mossburg, raced around getting ready. By midnight, Damon was in surgery.

The approximately 5-hour surgery went well. By Jan. 14, Damon had been moved from the ICU to a regular room. He walked up and down halls and to pulmonary rehabilitation four times a day. Mossburg prepared to take a class on Damon’s home care.

Then, with the ups and downs of complications over four months, Damon was put on and taken off a ventilator and dialysis, received a tracheotomy, a pace maker, a colostomy, and nearly regular bronchoscopes. Strong antibiotics to fight his infections were hard on his body, and Damon just couldn’t overcome.

To the credit of all involved, however, their story showed many positive human relationships. They showed regard and kindness for Damon and each other. It was amazing Mossburg and Linda, Damon’s ex-wife, supported Damon and each other so well. Daughter Haverly left school and work in Chicago to attend to her father. Frazier spent hours and hours there from Ft. Collins. Grandchildren drew pictures and talked to their grandfather over the phone. And, it should be noted the hospital gave his partner complete access to Damon’s care.

In the blog, the family asked for our prayers. I’ll do that though the need has changed. May they find peace and hope. I have hope that they will see him again in the resurrection.

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3 Responses to Farewell, Dean Damon

  1. 9chase26 says:


    Thank you for the kind words about dad. I, too, didn't always agree with him. As you see now, his legacy lives on in his family and is larger than any work he did in the schools. Feel free to find me on either Facebook or Twitter.

    Frazier Damon

  2. ThomasCallan says:

    Dear Linda, I just this moment learned of Dean's death. He was my best friend in school and I have always loved him. Please tell the children that he is remembered well by many of us whom knew him as a child and young man. I did not share his view on many things but I loved my friend. I last saw Dean when he came by my house in the 1990's. He told me of leaving Boulder and about his partner. Please accept my most sincere sympathy. He was a good friend and I will always remember him. Tommy

  3. ThomasCallan says:

    Please forgive the "whom" vice "who." There is a Hillcrest 50 year reunion in October. Please let me know if there is anything else to pass on to his old classmates. I went to the 25th and there were many inquires about Dean and I really had lost touch at that time. I don't want to post personal information but you may reach me through the Texas Bar and I can respond to you directly.

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