Dear God, please bless fathers

Dear God,

I’m thankful for fathers and ask for blessings for them. A father recently purchased a bike cart for his son and a bike for himself so they could ride off to the park. That father finds numerous ways to spend time with his son. Young fathers at the grocery store make sure they get grocery carts with cars on the front to make their children happy. Please bless these fathers.

It’s so much easier to wait until schooling is complete and a career well on its way before becoming a father. Please bless fathers who don’t wait. With faith and love they help bring children into their loving homes and help care for them.

Help fathers remember that what they do outside their homes is so important for the stability of their families but not as important as what they do inside them.

In light of that, please bless all stay-at-home dads who for a number of reasons are in this non-traditional role. Help them see the needs of their children through nurturing eyes and have the energy to meet them. They have a marvelous opportunity not all men have.

Please bless the fathers who read to their children, rock their babies, and teach their children faith and true religion. Bless those who help their children ride their bikes, plant gardens and learn about the world around them.

Dear God, please bless the homeless fathers. Bless the unmarried fathers fighting for the right to be in their children’s lives and the single fathers struggling to be there as well. Bless them as they strive to nurture and protect their children. Please bless soldier fathers away from their families as they serve our country. Incarcerated fathers need thy watchful care as well as do those putting their lives back together again after being released. Please bless old fathers and deceased fathers. Help us remember them.

And, dear God, please bless all the fathers I failed to mention specifically, and if I could add one more plea, please bless the fatherless.

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