Questions for D.A. Stan Garnett

Boulder D.A. Stan Garnett said one thing before his election but appears by his actions to say another afterward.

Before his election, Garnett said in a post on Liberal and Loving It that he would “implement changes fairly and carefully, with a minimum of disruption to people’s careers and the functioning of the office.”

Then after his election, Garnett unexpectedly terminated six qualified and experienced prosecutors, deputy district attorneys Colette Cribani, Bryan Quiram, Lisa Hunt, Phil Davis, Jessica Lasky and Chris Leh.

The big question is why? It appears Garnett may have made room for some of his political friends. While he helps them, they help him politically. Add that to his face time before the public with an increased number of trials, and Garnett is in a good position to run for another office after his stint as D.A.

Garnett could lose the appearance of cronyism by answering a few questions about his political relationships with his new hires and their employment backgrounds.

Garnett needs to tell whether his new hires Karen Lorenz, Kelly Murphy, Peggy Jessel and Celeste Rangel are his political friends, whether they gave any direct or indirect help to Garnett’s run for school board or D.A., and whether he has any political expectations of them. Also, Garnett needs to say whether he had contact politically with the new hires through the Democratic Party or other political groups. In other words, Garnett needs to tell whether he is completely removed politically from them.

Regarding past employment, Garnett needs to say where his new hires worked before the D.A.’s office and the relationship these law firms have with Bronstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schreck, Garnett’s former employer.

By Garnett’s answers or the lack thereof, the public will know whether his politics have anything to do with his personnel decisions.

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