My Mormon Tabernacle Choir dream

I hope bad weather stays away on Monday, June 29, because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater at 7:30 p.m. Concert proceeds will benefit the National Sports Center for the Disabled.

I am so excited! And, you can be sure I will be there! I admit I’ve had a dream since I was young of being a Choir member or singing with it.

To date, my normal fare of singing with the Choir has been to sing along with their CDs. I’ve got lots of them, but one of my favorites is “Consider the Lilies.” I’ve sung its title song numerous times with them as I’ve been in my car or at home. In fact, I’ve sung it so many times, I have it memorized. This, of course, comes in handy when I use it to call the cats in my backyard to dinner.

My dream of actually singing with the Choir, however, had some basis in reality. When I was 12 years old, I sang well enough that a member of the Choir asked me whether I’d like to take voice lessons from her in exchange for babysitting. I jumped at the opportunity. So, every week I tended some rather cute kids for her and her husband, and every week I’d run the two blocks down the street to her home as I sang all the way.

I realize my dream was just that. However, the concert will fulfill dreams in such a beautiful setting. The repertoire will include songs of praise, of course. It will also include American folk song, “Cindy,” traditional Irish melody “Danny Boy,” “Betelehemu,” a Nigerian carol, African American spirutual, “Rock-a-My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham,” and the Choir’s Grammy Award-winning rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

If you’d like more information about the Choir and how to get tickets for this or other concerts, check out the Choir’s official website:

The next step in “My Mormon Tabernacle Choir dream”

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