Is Obama’s health care plan socialism?

President Obama said today he vows to fight “the politics of the moment” in his efforts with health care reform as his popularity on the issue slips. The Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Monday showed support for Obama’s handling of health care reform had fallen below 50 percent. The poll had a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percent.

I see as do Republicans and some Democrats that Obama’s government-run health insurance plan with an estimated cost of over $1 trillion could hurt small businesses. I feel the concern especially as the faltering economy needs small businesses to create jobs rather than lay off workers and fail under the financial burdens put upon them.

The fiscal conflict between the two sides is not trivial. In other words, it really isn’t “the politics of the moment.” Neither is the concern Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican Party, raised that Obama’s plan is “socialism.”

Obama would do well to counter Steele’s charge with a point-by-point rebuttal instead of simply discounting it. If Obama’s plan isn’t socialism, let him show that. However, if his plan looks, acts, feels and smells like socialism, Steele is absolutely right. With the amount of newcomers to politics last year who may not know what socialism is, Obama should not waste a teaching opportunity.

Obama says he doesn’t want a national, government-run health care system. Yet, Obama is smart enough to know what he is doing. Government’s unfair advantage in competition against private insurance companies will drive private insurers from the market.

The result is Obama’s “grand experiment,” so named by the Republicans, is sure to lead to socialism if it’s not socialism from the outset. In addition, his timetable for passage is too risky. Not enough citizens and lawmakers have actually read or absorbed the mandated changes to society to be sure his plan will not cause serious harm.

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1 Response to Is Obama’s health care plan socialism?

  1. shrinkrap says:

    It is frustrating to see how vulnerable right-leaning thinkers are in adopting whatever phrasology their 'leaders' put forth. The latest buzz-words we've been asked to use are 'experiment' and 'socialism' when discussing the efforts at universal healthcare. With the exception of Medicaid, all other government-sponsored health plans (Medicare, Veterans, military medicine, etc.) include private options – none of these plans have driven the insurance companies out of business. I might add that those of us old enough to remember, can recall that the argument against Medicare in the early sixties was that it would drive private care out of the healthcare arena.

    Moreover, to respond to Mr. Steele "with a point-by-point rebuttal" would be odd since Michael Steele did not offer any points; he only stated that he thought the Obama plan was socialism…. period. Such a statement without points, i.e. 'pointless', perhaps merits ignoring.

    Concern for small business as this nebulous and complex set of proposals works its way through Congress is both noble and appropriate. To harbor such a protectionistic stance in favor of one of the biggest of the big businesses seems disingenuous.

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