Nobel Peace Prize for hope premature

Your kindergartner heads off to school and has been in class for only two weeks when the school board decides to give your promising student a high school diploma. They declare they have hope your child will do great things. You’re delighted they see the promise as you do, but you think the diploma is premature.

Later, a friend in labor calls to say her baby about to be born has already received a birth certificate because labor is going so well they just “had” to do it before any more time passed.

Both of these scenarios are ludicrous, of course. You don’t receive a diploma or birth certificate because of anticipated outcomes. The same should have been true for President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He hasn’t negotiated any world peace or even achieved any major foreign policy. His nomination was based only on hope.

Nobel Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

To Obama’s credit, he said he was surprised and deeply humbled. What else could he say? He couldn’t say he deserved it. He couldn’t refuse it either. The fault lies with the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Its actions lessen the value of its prize just as would a prematurely awarded high school diploma or birth certificate.

And though the Nobel Peace Prize committee may not award a prize for it, Obama needs to work for world peace through our country’s strength and definitely not through peace at any cost.

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  1. anitareeves says:

    As a mom I am always harping on my children to resist peer pressure, to lead out in standing up for truth, virtue, and freedom. I feel most Americans, at least those of the America I grew up in, feel the same way. It seems that the Nobel Prize Committee members do not feel that way. They have rewarded a man for accepting and preaching his decision to follow after the world. President Obama has been recognized for his intent to bend to peer pressure. I fear my America is slowing slipping away. Where are our heroes who stand up and lead out?
    If you feel the same way please check out the new website The official organization name is As a Mom…A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. We are still in our infancy but we hope to lead out and stand up for America and resist the pressure of other nations to come join the gang.

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