Saving the planet from global warming

A recent CBS news poll on global warming asked, “Do you think there is solid evidence of man-made global warming?” Seventy percent of the respondents questioned whether humans have anything to do with climate change. Forty-six percent responded, “Global warming is a myth” and another 24 percent said, “No, the evidence is inconclusive.” Only 28 percent responded, “Yes, definitely.” Three percent responded, “What is global warming?”

Nevertheless, President Obama appears willing to commit the U.S. to lessening mankind’s impact on climate at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 6 through Dec. 18. Delegates from 192 countries plan to attend.

I find it quite telling that the Danish National Girls Choir sang a six-minute composition entitled “All life is your life” in the opening ceremonies. A possible interpretation is mankind needs to protect the polar bears and their melting habitat and rising ocean levels to protect all life. The thought would follow that as goes the polar bears, so goes all life.

With the hoopla about saving the planet and all life, try reading news stories on global warming and climate change with a new twist of really saving all life, even that of the unborn. If we’re talking about “All life is your life,” certainly all human life should be included in that count.

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