Dumpster divers deserve arrest?

The University of Colorado is threatening scavengers diving into its dumpsters with tickets and arrest. They’ve even posted “No Trespassing” signs up on dumpsters. Why? Have there been scavengers injured and suing for damages? Have there been returns because what scavengers picked up wasn’t exactly what they wanted. The color wasn’t right after they took it home?

Maybe CU wants to keep its students’ discards for their own purposes. One idea cooking could be to have a big garage sale. It’s one way to bring in revenue. Students toss away items like furniture, clothes, and household items to name a few. But, the volume and quality are less than in years past because of recycling and collecting reusable items. CU has a station in every building for renewable items and the Salvation Army began picking up reusable items this year.

CU looks a little silly, however, because of the trespassing signs and other ones warning “anyone entering into or remaining inside the Dumpster is subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.” But if CU actually issues tickets and arrests, they’ll go beyond looking silly. You come up with a word. It’s beyond me.

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