Boulder’s public nudity law

Boulder’s public nudity law that passed in a 6-3 vote on April 6 is a move in the right direction. Naked pumpkin runners, nude bikers and the like are an affront to decency. However, the punishment of having those convicted under the old ordinance to register as sex offenders was a bit too heavy.

The city ordinance, a misdemeanor, makes it illegal for people over the age of 10 to show their genitals in public or on private property where it’s obvious to passersby, which I hope includes casual observations by those close by for any reason. The ordinance carries a fine of up to $1,000 and/or 90 days in jail and does not require those convicted under it to register as sex offenders.

Unfortunately, the law is only a move in the right direction because it is still legal for women to go topless. A women nursing discretely in public is no problem. The problem is women’s bare breasts. There is a significant different between men and women here. If that were not true, men wouldn’t go to topless bars to see women. Furthermore, those arguing a woman’s breasts are no different than other non-genital body parts are arguing disingenuously. We don’t have bars for bare feet, elbows, hands or legs now do we.

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