Donating for Fourmile Fire victims

The Fourmile Fire that burned 135 homes and 6,388 acres as of Wednesday night is bringing out the generous side of Boulder. Enough donations have been received for victims that a storefront has been set up on the west side of Boulder Ski Deals, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, to give away the donations from 9 a.m. to roughly 5 p.m. The Camera story said it was clothing and other donated items, but that is where the questions start.

Can people drop off donations at that site? Is there anywhere else they can donate? What should they donate? What is needed?

A couple of comments after the story online say you can donate at that site and it would be good to have your clothes donations sorted by size and gender. Another post said a community member gave away bottled water and the daughter gave away some stuffed animals for children who lost their own toys.

The kindness of people making donations and even opening their homes to victims is heart-warming. It makes me want to give away my favorite clothes. Then again, I wonder whether they would be used at all.

What if my favorite clothes were merely junk to another? One problem of in-kind donations is people can unload their junk with the thought that the fire victims are desperate. It’s not far-fetched. This happened with the Haiti earthquake to the point the Red Cross asked for monetary donations only. Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming so the community can help meet real needs.

Update: Resources to help:

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