Obama should have told the children

President Obama’s back-to-school speech on Sept. 28 to the nation’s children covered what many educators and parents say themselves. Obama said students should “discover new passions,” study hard, do their homework, get to bed early so they can wake up on time, and acquire the skills to pursue their passions.

Despite the fact that Obama’s little chat for the third year in a row took kids away from their studies in school to hear him, I cannot argue with the messages he gave. However, with his smiling face time before U.S. children, he failed to tell them some hard facts.

A college education does not guarantee you a job nor does it prevent you from losing one. Students do graduate from college with thousands of dollars of debt and yet do not find jobs. Our nation’s current unemployment rate is 9.1 percent. To make matters worse, many U.S. companies outsource jobs overseas. The result is that no matter how smart Americans are, no matter how much they pursue their newly discovered passions, many of the jobs don’t exist here at home or they cannot get them.

In addition to jobs, the president should have told the children the impact his policies make on the national debt of over $14 trillion. Then, Obama should have talked about the U.S. debt held by foreign countries, particularly China and the trade deficit. The children deserve to know how much they are already in debt and the likelihood of them passing on debt to their children.

Then, if the president was still smiling, which he shouldn’t have been, Obama should have brought up with the children the nation’s liabilities of social security, Medicare, prescription drugs and Obamacare. The rest of us would have liked to have heard that speech as well.

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1 Response to Obama should have told the children

  1. brainchild says:

    SS: Despite the fact that Obama’s little chat for the third year in a row took kids away from their studies in school to hear him.

    If he had given the same talk to the same group of children, you might have a point. But Obama didn't. Nevertheless, you are happy to leave the reader with a false impression otherwise.

    The excitement and memories of a visit and talk by the President of the United States to any child at school outweighs any negligible one-time loss of learning time, and besides, means learning other things.

    What you posit about telling kids would also be allegedly wasteful of their learning time. You don't like Obama, but apparently you're just as willing to use the innocent children to make your political points too.

    Arguably, what Obama said to the kids was a lot more useful than reading to them from, say, The Pet Goat during the worst terrorist attack on the US in the last 50 years. Though, come to think of it, the kids in that situation will have a lasting memory of something learned that morning too.

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