Obama’s ‘economic fairness’ plan all wrong

President Obama declared in his State of the Union address Tuesday night that “economic fairness” for all Americans is the “definitive issue of our time.”

Obama would have done well to follow with encouragement for all Americans to work hard and advance their own dreams economically and otherwise through their individual focus, talents and abilities. America is the land of opportunity where the American Dream can be achieved by all. There is no zero sum where some have to fail so others can succeed. No slice of the pie takes away from another.

Instead, Obama said the free market system eroded “the basic American promise” of opportunity. Obama sees our American economic system as the problem. While he talked of all Americans getting a fair shot, their fair share and playing by the same set of rules, he sounded like he was talking about playing ball at recess in elementary school.

Unfortunately, Obama was talking about the economy, and his plan is just plain wrong. It was wrong historically from the country’s roots. It is wrong now. Under it, Americans will get more government, more economic regulations, more spending, and, of course, more taxation. And, in a stroke of envy, the wealthy will be taxed more as the deep pockets needed to be equalized in “economic fairness.”

Though Americans are equal under the law, individual efforts must be allowed to produce unequal outcomes. In reality, that is the American Dream.

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