Obama’s audacious healthcare hypocrisy

With audacious hypocrisy, government provides physical therapy, wheelchairs and other medical services only by medical necessity while President Obama mandates unlimited birth control for women.

Oral contraceptives can be prescribed as a medical necessity for a variety of women’s health conditions, including excessive uterine bleeding. Additionally, surgical procedures like hysterectomies and uterine ablations, which also have the effect of preventing conception, can be medically necessary. I have no argument with government paying for their use under those conditions.

So, what should be the requirements before government pays for oral contraceptives or IUDs? When should government pay for gynelogical procedures or surgeries for women? Let us look at how government determines when to pay for physical therapy and wheelchairs as we answer these questions.

No one gets a personal trainer or trips to the gym at the expense of government. Doctors prescribe physical therapy services with treatment goals in mind. Once those goals have been reached, patients are left to use a self-directed program at home or elsewhere at their own expense.

With wheelchairs, government pays claims when the chairs are needed to get the patient from bed to bath to food. Nothing beyond this basic perimeter is supported. This means government does not support trips to the grocery store, community events, church and recreation outside the narrow pathway.

The obvious answer is that government pays for birth control measures only when claims are because of medical necessity. Government should apply medical necessity equally. No one gets government to pay for an undiagnosed condition with no added benefits over a self-directed, home program. Likewise, government should not pay for women to meet their recreational interests.

I get it. Obama wants the single women’s vote. I get it, too, that he does not care whether he tramples religious freedom in his re-election quest by mandating religious health providers offer birth control to their employees.

The country awaits court rulings on Obama’s birth control mandate and the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Obamacare. Yet, it is clear now Obama does not value religious freedom, individual responsibility and equal application of medical necessity. People like me with these values will not vote for Obama in November.

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4 Responses to Obama’s audacious healthcare hypocrisy

  1. brainchild says:

    You owe it to your readers to admit whether you belong to a religious organization that expressly considers birth control to be "intrinsically evil" (Catholic Catechism, Section 2370). Do you agree with that statement?

    And while Obama surely wants as many votes as possible, one would think the married women's vote would be even more important. Over 95% of married women use birth control (other than "natural family planning").

    Finally, the health care law is not in the least "mandating" that women use birth control. Isn't there a religious commandment about bearing false witness?

  2. SecularReason says:

    Your argument is a false canard. How about Government removing tax exempt status from Regilious groups? How about ceasing all "faith based initiate spending"? There are very good reasons for allowing insurance coverage of oral contraceptives, not least the reduction in unwanted pregnancies and the inevitable spike in abortions that would be the consequence. The social and emotional cost of this would be enormous.

    Obama is not mandating oral contraceptives, he is requiring it to be insured. Are you so myopic that you can't see the sense in this?

  3. brainchild says:

    … government should not pay for women to meet their recreational interests.

    Apparently the author doesn't believe a married woman should have sex for any reason other than to procreate.

    • Jinxtra says:

      Isn't that just a dumb comment! How come after centuries, contraception has become a public responsibility? Oh, right, the government wants to control everything!!

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