Obama’s political trick with illegal immigrants

President Barack Obama is at it again. The incumbent is using his position in hopes of winning a second term. By executive decree, his administration will not deport illegal immigrants from the United States who fit his criteria but will grant work permits instead. In so doing, Obama excludes Congress from the discussion and puts aside current law.

Colorado State Senator Shawn Mitchell pointed out on his facebook page, “Granting work permits to individuals prohibited by U.S. statute from residing here, let alone working here, is not executive discretion. It is lawless policymaking by fiat. Congress and the high Court should reject it forcefully.”

I sympathize with young children whose parents sneaked them over the border, and I sympathize with the parents. The U.S. is a desirable place to live, and I love my country.

Nevertheless, border security is essential as are congressional discussions about the future of illegal aliens in this country. Laws are the foundation of government and give meaning to citizenship. I was quite surprised to hear Obama say illegal Mexican immigrants are Americans except on paper. Really? Their living among citizens for much or part of their youth turns them into citizens? No. It takes more.

While Obama makes illegal immigrants cry with joy, he puts them in a no man’s land. Who can hire them when employers do not know how long they can employ them? We’ll see. Also, we will see at the polls in November whether voters hold Obama accountable for engaging in political trickery.

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