What makes you beautiful

Where do clean-cut guys preparing to serve God on missions go to find virtuous and modest girls to date and, afterward, to marry? Guys from one church congregation answer that question indirectly with the help of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” At church, of course.

Young Men ages 12 to 18 years old from the Hurricane 15th Ward (congregation) tell the Young Women of the same ages that they are beautiful. I’m sure the girls already know this at some level, but it surely boosts that assurance when they see the efforts of their male peers telling them and the world on YouTube that they are cool and beautiful.

Way to go, guys! I absolutely loved this video and find Valentine’s Day the perfect day to share it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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1 Response to What makes you beautiful

  1. hotfrog says:

    I like the music and the message. It's good that these boys affirm that they like wholesome girls who have humility and don't know they're beautiful.

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