Civil unions not the end goal

Seeing Daily Camera pictures of same-gender couples kissing on the mouth at the Boulder County civil union parties last night made me feel uncomfortable. I felt the same way when I saw parents kissing their grown children on the mouth or a neighbor mother kissing on the mouth the grown neighbor’s son. That’s how I am.

Still, same-gender couples joining in civil unions have something to celebrate. As far as I can tell, they have everything married couples have but the word “marriage” describing their relationships. They have survivorship, can pay taxes jointly, can adopt and can be at their partners’ hospital bedsides.

That’s not enough, though, for vocal same-gender couples. The battle never was about civil unions as the end goal for them. They say they will never stop fighting until same-gender relationships can be recognized as marriages. Their plan is that first some churches and government will recognize them. Then, the activists will go after the rest of the churches. If they resist, the next step very possibly could be to charge those churches with discrimination and hate crimes.

The issue really isn’t “about love and commitment, about basic dignity and about being able to protect your families,” as Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Udall from Colorado said on his official blog on April 30. If so, he’d be in the front of the line supporting polygamist families and their numerous children. Let’s see if he steps up to that plate.

Those with same-gender attraction should have full and meaningful lives, and allowing their marriages may give them some semblance of that. However, this movement aims to trample on religious freedom of those who see marriage differently.

I fear the day may come in my lifetime that I won’t be able to say without legal repercussions what my beliefs are about marriage. I believe marriage should be defined as the union between one man and one woman.

(Updated 5/31/13)

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