After Mother’s Day

This video is for all mothers as we realize our potential in our role.

Mother’s Day for many mothers was filled with gifts and services from a doting husband and their children. Breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, spa treatments, jewelry, indulgences of all sorts top the list. Visits, phone calls and cards also rank high.

Yet, other mothers didn’t receive any of that. The day brought nothing special. No gifts, no special treatments, no visits, no calls. It’s easy for these mothers to assume they aren’t worthy of being honored whether their chilren and fathers of their children are in their lives.

It’s true some mothers don’t deserve a lot of thanks. They have abandoned their children in one or more ways. Their children have had to get what mothering they could from other sources. They are lucky when their fathers are willing and capable, and when they accept it from other mothers, sisters and friends.

Nevertheless, honoring our mothers and motherhood has more to do with what we’re like than what our mothers are or were like. Every day we make good choices, righteous choices, and loving choices, we are honoring our mothers (and fathers).

I’d like to honor my mother. She wasn’t perfect but was great. She wasn’t always there for me but was there in the most important ways and on the most important days. She didn’t understand all my challenges, but then, I didn’t tell her everything. She couldn’t fix all of my life’s problems. Still, she connected me to the source that could. My mother was a woman of faith in God. Thank you, Mom.

In case you’re wondering, I had a great Mother’s Day. I always do.

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1 Response to After Mother’s Day

  1. Sandi Nay says:

    Such a beautiful sentiment. I am always impressed with stories of devotion to mothers. As a very young girl I wanted a mother. I didn’t have one you see. My father tried to give me one and I wanted so badly to love her. But she didn’t. My heart was broken in so many ways. Even through all the abuse, the tears, and all mean things said to me. I wanted her to be my mother. When their marriage ended. I was sad because I had failed to get her to love me. The abuse was gone, the tears stopped flowing. I still love to hear the stories of mother daughter love. Thank you for sharing your story. My name is Sandra and I am glad I found your blog. I like your kind of inspiration.

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