Fun replaces scary school images

The video, “Bingham High School Lip Dub 2013 – “This is Bingham (I love it)” posted on YouTube on May 29, 2013, shows a student body full of bouncy energy and school pride.

When I say, “high school,” what first pops into your mind? No matter what it is, the Bingham High School yearbook staff video may change that. Their video is filled with over 2,200 participants, 23 soloists, 800 balloons, 250 pounds of flour, 200 glow sticks, and a helicopter. Students are full of bounce and school pride.

“I think it’s wonderful. It says A LOT about the positive school culture at Bingham High,” wrote Benjamin Scoville, a nephew, after seeing the video posted on a social media site. ”I was surprised that so many students were willing to participate and show their enthusiasm.”

Nevertheless, Scoville expressed conflicting feelings. He recently visited several schools in Mexico City and in small towns close by it. He said, “As I watched this video, I also felt sad that so many other young people in Mexico (and in the U.S.) lack resources and access to excellent teachers. The kids at Bingham are, indeed, very fortunate. I’m looking forward to working with them this fall.”

The education system does have failings, including lack of access to excellent teachers for all students. As a mother of children who went through the Boulder Valley School District, I’ve seen much good to cheer about but also much that needs to be changed. These topics will have to be addressed individually at another time.

Despite its own challenges, Bingham High is replacing scary images from schools with fun images of students coming together with school pride. Schools throughout the country could do a lot to improve their learning environments by doing the same in whatever ways their resources allow. This act could help save lives. And, the benefit increases the more people who know.

We hear throughout the video, “This is Bingham. I love it.” No wonder the students of this South Jordan, Utah, high school are proud of their school. Look at them working together. Look at them showing off their school while focusing on various interests supported at the school. Look at the outstanding result.

The video from the helicopter brought to mind the significant difference between the scenes in that video and those shown on the news during and after school shootings. Bingham High students were in the halls and on the school grounds having fun, not running for their lives.

Comments below the video suggest the entire student body was involved. I hope that was true. Still, this video instantly tops the school videos in my brain. I’ll load this one up and leave the others behind – if I can.

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