Memes can sell good and bad ideas

Memes can sell both good and bad ideas. I made this meme in response to one I saw online today.

Memes can sell both good and bad ideas.
   I made this meme in response to one I saw online today.

A gardener had a little plot of ground where a variety of colors of petunias started blossoming voluntarily one year. Nothing had been planted there before. The next two years saw increased flowers and colors. The owner enjoyed the flowers very much and watered and weeded and added more bark where spots were thin but did nothing else. As flowers drop seeds this year, flowers may continue there indefinitely with little human effort.

At the same time, the gardener, tilled manure into a little garden plot in the spring and planted seeds and young plants from the nursery. The gardener watered and weeded and thinned plants. The resulting harvest took time and effort but produced a few strawberries rescued from the squirrels and birds, plentiful peas, a bumper crop of string beans, an assortment of squash in the summer and fall, and tomatoes and carrots.

A meme for this situation might say: “Care about the volunteer flowers while still tending to the garden.”

Just like flowers and vegetables serve very different but valuable purposes, so do friends and family. Attractive packages can sell bad ideas. A case in point is a meme I saw today with an artistic background saying, “Don’t worry about the family that ignores and acts like you don’t matter, love the ones who are always there for you no matter what.”

A better idea is to care about the ones who know how to show they care about us, but never give up on family. God put us in a particular family for a purpose. Maybe in Heaven we said to God, “Send me down to that family. I’m strong enough. I can help them return.” A better meme would be: “Enjoy your friends who care about you while still caring for your family no matter what.”

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