Finding resiliency amid floods and challenges

Upon seeing scenes of homes and other property being swept away, towns flooded, and farms and livestock stranded by water, my heart goes out to all those suffering near my home in Colorado in the recent floods. I hope they recover. I also hope that those facing less obvious but still overwhelming challenges in other ways will find their resiliency.

Bob, as I’ll call him for this piece, is struggling on many fronts in his life. His thoughts as he faces his challenges could help others.

Bob said, “Have you ever been in the depths, looking all around yourself and see everything falling apart in almost all aspects of your life? In this moment as you feel the life force draining out of you, the desire to press forward literally dying and all you can see is what’s wrong, look for just one thing that is happening right. One thing that is good, one person, one place, one thing, one single idea. Focus on that and turn your thoughts and your heart to God and pour out open gratitude for that single thing you are so blessed with.”

The one good focus is like a spark or glimmer of hope when all seems dark. It is amazing that when the house and everything inside it is gone that thinking of one thing going right and expressing gratitude to God would help. Though I’ve not been in that situation, I see people on the news expressing gratitude that only their possessions, not their families, were swept away.

Bob continued, “And you know what you will experience next? A feeling, a good feeling. You’ll begin counting other blessings you have in your life beyond this single thing. And from that moment forward, you see it. You see it in your mind; you feel it in your heart. All is not lost, all will be okay. This is a challenge and a test.

“And as you notice the thing you are now most grateful for, and you feel this great feeling inside of love for God. You begin to look around yourself at other things and recognize their beauty. And, you can begin to shift your view. Instead of seeing everything as being hopeless (and you do recognize those challenges still remain), you can now start to see the light brighten your view to all God’s mercies he has extended to you.

“It could be the very fact that when you flush the toilet it goes down. Running water is a marvelous thing for those who have it. Internet connections are incredible. Eyes to see, legs to walk, a body, nose, and all the things we take for granted. We can look at what we have and recognize more that we truly are blessed. Yes, the struggles are big, but we are equal to them. In fact, we are better than the challenges.

“God knows this of us — how powerful we are and how capable we are to do amazing things. And, these challenges are placed in our path for us to prove to ourselves who we are because God already knows we are truly gifted, blessed, talented, and incredible, powerful beings with the power to create, solve, and do truly amazing things. Our challenges stretch us into seeing for ourselves the seed of Godhood we have within us as we are the children of an all-powerful, loving, and just God. He is our Father. He loves us. Be still, and know that he watching over you and allowing difficult things to happen for you to become stronger, better, and wiser. Grow into the you that you truly are. You can do it. Keep going forward and become all that you have been created to become.”

Challenges come on many fronts. Maybe we were not affected by a flood, but all of us will have overwhelming times sometime. God will help us if will allow him to do so. As Bob affirmed, we are “better” than these challenges and can rise in strength to become as God would have us be.

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