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Finding resiliency amid floods and challenges

Upon seeing scenes of homes and other property being swept away, towns flooded, and farms and livestock stranded by water, my heart goes out to all those suffering near my home in Colorado in the recent floods. I hope they recover. I also hope that those facing less obvious but still overwhelming challenges in other ways will find their resiliency.

Bob, as I’ll call him for this piece, is struggling on many fronts in his life. His thoughts as he faces his challenges could help others.

Bob said, “Have you ever been in the depths, looking all around yourself and see everything falling apart in almost all aspects of your life? In this moment as you feel the life force draining out of you, the desire to press forward literally dying and all you can see is what’s wrong, look for just one thing that is happening right. One thing that is good, one person, one place, one thing, one single idea. Focus on that and turn your thoughts and your heart to God and pour out open gratitude for that single thing you are so blessed with.” Continue reading

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Donating for Fourmile Fire victims

The Fourmile Fire that burned 135 homes and 6,388 acres as of Wednesday night is bringing out the generous side of Boulder. Enough donations have been received for victims that a storefront has been set up on the west side of Boulder Ski Deals, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, to give away the donations from 9 a.m. to roughly 5 p.m. The Camera story said it was clothing and other donated items, but that is where the questions start.

Can people drop off donations at that site? Is there anywhere else they can donate? What should they donate? What is needed?
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