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Memes can sell good and bad ideas

A gardener had a little plot of ground where a variety of colors of petunias started blossoming voluntarily one year. Nothing had been planted there before. The next two years saw increased flowers and colors. The owner enjoyed the flowers very much and watered and weeded and added more bark where spots were thin but did nothing else. As flowers drop seeds this year, flowers may continue there indefinitely with little human effort.

At the same time, the gardener, tilled manure into a little garden plot in the spring and planted seeds and young plants from the nursery. The gardener watered and weeded and thinned plants. The resulting harvest took time and effort but produced a few strawberries rescued from the squirrels and birds, plentiful peas, a bumper crop of string beans, an assortment of squash in the summer and fall, and tomatoes and carrots.

A meme for this situation might say: “Care about the volunteer flowers while still tending to the garden.” Continue reading

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What makes you beautiful

Where do clean-cut guys preparing to serve God on missions go to find virtuous and modest girls to date and, afterward, to marry? Guys from one church congregation answer that question indirectly with the help of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” At church, of course.

Young Men ages 12 to18 years old from the Hurricane 15th Ward (congregation) tell the Young Women of the same ages that they are beautiful. I’m sure the girls already know this at some level, but it surely boosts that assurance when they see the efforts of their male peers telling them and the world on YouTube that they are cool and beautiful. Continue reading

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Words matter

Whether posted anonymously or spoken in person, words matter. They can change how a person feels inside. A case in point is words from one of my readers, sockeymom. Though she says she “mostly” disagrees with me, she posted words of concern and encouragement after my last post, “How to obtain miracles.”

I feel remembered and valued. Thank you, sockeymom. You are a good example of how to treat others online. I am confident you are thoughtful and kind in person as well. At the same time, feel free to disagree with me and to argue points where we differ. Continue reading

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Celebrating Mormon pioneers today

Utah is celebrating today the Mormon pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. While Salt Lake City celebrations will include a big Days of ’47 Parade, nothing can inspire more than the last entry in last weekend’s Bountiful Handcart Days Parade.

In the city, a few miles north of Salt Lake City, 2,060 young men dressed in tunics with ties around their heads. They carried staves and pounded them on the ground in unison as they followed their leader. That was impressive enough. However, they represented an even more impressive and inspirational army of young men defending their families.

As told in The Book of Mormon, Helaman, the prophet and soldier, led 2,000 stripling warriors he called his sons into battle. The sons took up arms to protect their families instead of having their parents break their oath to God not to shed blood ever again. The sons were valiant with faith in battle, and not one was lost. Continue reading

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From humanitarian dentist to dental missionary

A 5-year-old Guatemalan girl told Dr. Richard L. Call, a dentist from Westminster, Colo., in a temporary dental clinic in Guatemala,” I just want to eat my food and not have it hurt. Can you help me?” Call said, “When I looked inside her mouth, I found 12 abscessed teeth. The rest all had cavities. Broke my heart.”

This little girl would have suffered throughout her life without help. Her nutrition and over-all health would have been affected. I’m glad to say humanitarian dentists and the Hirsche Smiles Foundation came to her aid.

Many thanks to Call and his wife, LeeAnn Call, Dr. Garry Brown and his wife, Ann Brown (from Utah), Dr. Lee Olson and his wife, Peggy Olson, (formerly from Broomfield, but now from Utah). Many thanks, too, to Dr. Wayne Tomkinson and his wife, Suzanne Tomkinson (from Arizona), and Dr. Paul Fillmore and JoAnne Fillmore, (currently full-time dental missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).
Continue reading

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Sung-bong inspires on ‘Korea’s Got Talent’

Sung-bong Choi, a 22-years-old laborer, inspired me today. Like thousands on several postings, I watched his “Korea’s Got Talent” performance on YouTube. He walked on stage dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans and white sports shoes. Two of the three judges asked him several questions about his life before he sang.

Since I do not know Korean, I do not know the name of his song nor did I understand the words. I had to rely on the on-screen translation of the judges interview questions and Sung-bong’s responses. After the performance, I found the song lyrics in a viewer’s YouTube posting.

Nevertheless, I saw the effects of both Sung-bong’s answers to questions about his life and his song on the judges and the audience. In their individual ways, the judges showed surprise, then compassion, even tears. The audience cheered and clapped and cried.
Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

I must admit I’ve been a little jealous of those who will spend time with their mothers today or call them. And, in some ways I’d love to have the times back where I sent my mom flowers or some gift in a package. I don’t have regrets. I just wish I could move back time’s march and relive the past now she’s gone. I miss her.

Once I left home for college, I never did really live at home unless you count those few months I was home before heading out to a job and then to marriage. So, a visit, a call or a gift was the way to go for Mother’s Day.
Continue reading

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‘Miracle Michele’ is coming home

Michele O’Donnell is heading home! The 42-year-old mother of four will return home on Sat., Jan. 29, at 1 p.m. She will be greeted by family, friends and supporters in a “grand celebration” complete with balloons and fireworks at her Alma Lane home in Superior.

O’Donnell is “Miracle Michele” on the blog John O’Donnell started for his wife where posts tell her story. Since she left home a year ago, she’s undergone multiple surgeries, overcome numerous infections, been in and out of drug-induced comas, and engaged in lots of intense physical therapy.
Continue reading

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Susan Boyle inspires millions

In April when Susan Boyle, then 47, auditioned on “Britain’s Got Talent,” the audience scorned her for her unsophisticated, vintage looks before she sang a note. Then, Boyle shocked the audience and judges with her sensitive but powerful rendition of “I Have a Dream” from Les Misérables. Suddenly Boyle, from Blackburn, Scotland, became the favored competition winner. Continue reading

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