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Donating for Fourmile Fire victims

The Fourmile Fire that burned 135 homes and 6,388 acres as of Wednesday night is bringing out the generous side of Boulder. Enough donations have been received for victims that a storefront has been set up on the west side of Boulder Ski Deals, 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, to give away the donations from 9 a.m. to roughly 5 p.m. The Camera story said it was clothing and other donated items, but that is where the questions start.

Can people drop off donations at that site? Is there anywhere else they can donate? What should they donate? What is needed?
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Lessons from Wamsutter, Wyoming

On road trips along I-80 in Wyoming between Rawlins and Rock Springs, I discovered a gas station in Wamsutter that encourages church attendance, posts social decorum rules as well as displays original murals in the restrooms. On the “Welcome to … Continue reading

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Feral kittens head to dog town

Four feral kittens headed to dog-town Boulder a few years ago after Barb Nardone trapped them in Broomfield. They were lucky. She trapped them before they became too old to be socialized and adopted at the Boulder Humane Society. In doing so, she helped make a success story. And, it didn’t hurt any that the kittens were pretty, too. Continue reading

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Boulder’s public nudity law

Boulder’s public nudity law that passed in a 6-3 vote on April 6 is a move in the right direction. Naked pumpkin runners, nude bikers and the like are an affront to decency. However, the punishment of having those convicted under the old ordinance to register as sex offenders was a bit too heavy. Continue reading

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Naked bikers an affront to decency

It’s about time Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner says officers will hand out tickets for indecent exposure to nude riders in the Naked Bike Ride in downtown Boulder tomorrow. They knowingly will be exposing their genitals in view of someone else in a manner that causes an affront or alarm. Basically, that is the criteria for a ticket for indecent exposure, so they should get that ticket. Continue reading

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