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Censorship or rules of decorum

A University of Colorado art student learned art moves people. It’s the same information a young cleaning business executive knew and used to his advantage years ago. The difference is the student didn’t like her results.

Don Aslett, a cleaning expert, author and CEO of his own business, was tired of undue wait times in hotel lobbies and at other service counters, so he devised a plan. He made his attaché case look like something he cleaned, a toilet. Not only was his case a business visual, it helped get him faster service. When waits got long, he would simply sit on his attaché case. Hotel clerks and the like responded by getting Aslett on his way quickly.

When Aslett spoke at a women’s conference of the Boulder Colorado Stake in the early 1980s where he told this story, no one cried “censorship.” Aslett, obviously, was working the rules of public decorum to his advantage. Clarissa Peppers, a CU art student, did the same to gain notoriety.
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McCartney good for CU diversity

Some University of Colorado employees are concerned about the former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney for using his position to “push” his viewpoints or “agenda.” And, they are concerned why? Basically, they don’t like his views.

Before I graduated from CU, I experienced in class many faculty members pushing their agendas on their students on a regular basis. I took it all with a grain of salt in the mix of diversity on campus. What’s missing now, which is obvious by the faculty members whining about McCartney, is diversity. The diversity of which I speak is where McCartney, who was a great coach at CU and very well could be again if offered the job, could be accepted despite his skillfully sharing his Christian views.

McCartney’s views wouldn’t be an issue if CU were sufficiently diversified.
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Dumpster divers deserve arrest?

The University of Colorado is threatening scavengers diving into its Dumpsters with tickets and arrest. They’ve even posted “no trespassing” signs up on Dumpsters. Why? Have there been scavengers injured and suing for damages? Have there been returns because what scavengers picked up wasn’t exactly what they wanted. The color wasn’t right after they took it home? Continue reading

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Judge should reverse CU gun ban

El Paso County District Judge Miller should rule in favor of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, effectively reversing the University of Colorado’s ban on carrying concealed guns on campus. In addition to the constitutional issues in the case, I’d feel safer knowing permit-granted, concealed guns would be on campus.

In December 2007, Matthew Murray packed two handguns, an assault rifle and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition into a Colorado Springs church after killing two at a youth mission training center in Arvada. Jeanne Assam, a former police officer, stopped Murray’s massacre plans with her concealed gun.
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The value of Thanksgiving

Just like most Thanksgivings, this year I thought about one thing a University of Colorado political science professor taught me in the 1990s. Dennis Eckert told the class you don’t leave a tip on the table after Thanksgiving dinner. As I remember it, he was making the point that you don’t mix values. So, this underscored for me the meal had nothing to do with monetary values. Grandma wasn’t fixing the meal for a price but out of love and other reasons. Continue reading

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