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Valentine’s Day for more than couples

Valentine’s Day when I was in elementary school was all about the actual valentines. No candy. No extras. What mattered was the names on the back of “Be My Valentine.” Giving valentines didn’t stop at school either. Children rang doorbells in the evening and ran so they wouldn’t get caught (though I don’t know why because they signed the cards). It was fun.

My pre-school brother felt a little left out, however. He ran to the door with the rest of us, but none of the valentines were for him. My younger sister and I saw this and devised an inclusive plan we hoped would cheer him up: We’d anonymously give him valentines. He’d get to race to the door, find his name on the back and carry the valentines around like we were doing.

Since we didn’t have any other valentines besides the ones we were given at school, my little sister and I found valentines from classmates that were signed in pencil. We erased the names carefully and completely before writing his name on the back. We slipped out the back door, rang the bell at the front door then ran back inside the back door. Our little brother was excited! And, he only wondered for a moment who sent them. It was so fun!

The hype I hear about Valentine’s Day today is all about couples having the most romantic evening with the perfect setting, gifts, flowers and much more. Some singles have responded by calling the day “Single Awareness Day” in hopes of changing the focus. They are right to do so. Continue reading

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