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After Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day for many mothers was filled with gifts and services from a doting husband and their children. Breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, spa treatments, jewelry, indulgences of all sorts top the list. Visits, phone calls and cards also rank high.

Yet, other mothers didn’t receive any of that. The day brought nothing special. No gifts, no special treatments, no visits, no calls. It’s easy for these mothers to assume they aren’t worthy of being honored whether the fathers of their children are in their lives. Continue reading

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Dear God, please bless fathers

Dear God,

I’m thankful for fathers and ask for blessings for them. A father recently purchased a bike cart for his son and a bike for himself so they could ride off to the park. That father finds numerous ways to spend time with his son. Young fathers at the grocery store make sure they get grocery carts with cars on the front to make their children happy. Please bless these fathers. Continue reading

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