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Incest a stretch from discomfort

What does it mean when I said I felt uncomfortable seeing pictures of same-gender couples kissing on the mouth? What does it mean when I also said I felt uncomfortable seeing parents kissing their grown children on the mouth and a neighbor mother kissing the grown neighbor’s son on the mouth?

Feeling uncomfortable with these real experiences I had means I’ve had different experiences that have shaped my public display of affection. At some early age, I no longer kissed my mother on the mouth. The same happened with my babies. Once they stopped giving slobbery baby and toddler kisses, we stuck with kisses on the cheeks and hugs. Continue reading

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Amendment 62 protects babies

A little girl baby I know was born at 28 weeks a few years ago. Difficulties with that pregnancy started labor that could be stopped. She was only 2 pounds 14 ounces at birth and with a will to live. She left the hospital 3 months later perfectly healthy and is still healthy and one of the brightest students in her class.

Was there a time this baby wasn’t a person? No. She was always human and always a person. She needed protecting and deserved birth unless a natural miscarriage removed her from the nurturing environment of the womb.

It makes sense to put that protection in the Constitution of the State of Colorado, which is what Amendment 62 would do. By this amendment, “the term ‘person’ shall apply to every human being from the beginning of that biological development of that human being.”
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