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Saving the planet from global warming

A recent CBS news poll on global warming asked, “Do you think there is solid evidence of man-made global warming?” Seventy percent of the respondents questioned whether humans have anything to do with climate change. Forty-six percent responded, “Global warming is a myth” and another 24 percent said, “No, the evidence is inconclusive.” Only 28 percent responded, “Yes, definitely.” Three percent responded, “What is global warming?” Continue reading

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Obama’s tax break bad economically

President Obama’s signature tax break of up to $400 for individuals and up to $800 for couples is turning into a confusing mess for millions of taxpayers. What looked to some like free money in February amid the hoopla of Obama’s $787 billion “stimulus” bill was really a decrease in federal income tax withholdings for the 2009 and 2010 tax years. However, because of the speed in getting the bill passed, IRS withholding tables weren’t in place in April when workers started seeing less taxes withheld from their paychecks. Continue reading

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Guns outright scary cross the line

A dozen armed people gathered outside Phoenix’s convention center on Monday at President Obama’s town hall meeting. And, last week in New Hampshire a man with a pistol strapped to his leg stood outside the meeting. The presence of guns at town hall meetings is outright scary. It feels as though one wrong move with one temper flaring and the tinderbox will light up. Continue reading

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Town hall uproar quite American

With the U.S. presidency and both houses of Congress under control of the Democrats and mid-term elections over a year away, expectedly President Obama stated “now is the time” for health care reform. And, it isn’t surprising Howard Dean, the screaming presidential candidate in 2006 and major figure in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, voiced the sentiment to move forward without bipartisan support. Continue reading

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Protect student and family privacy

What do you consider private and should students in the public schools and their families be able to maintain their privacy? While having had children in the Boulder Valley School District receive what I consider invasive questioning through school assignments, I came up with some answers. Continue reading

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Is Obama’s health care plan socialism?

President Obama said today he vows to fight “the politics of the moment” in his efforts with health care reform as his popularity on the issue slips. The Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Monday showed support for Obama’s handling of health care reform had fallen below 50 percent. Continue reading

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