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Protecting v. power to deny

Boulder County commissioners Cindy Dominico, Ben Perlman and Will Toor said they denied the Rocky Mountain Christian Church’s expansion request because it was incompatible with the area’s rural character. I find that hard to believe.

All one need do is travel only 20 seconds (.19 miles) west of the church’s property, 9447 Niwot Road, Niwot, on Niwot Road to see a subdivision of eight large estates. They are similar to those in the Denver Cherry Hills area, which leads me to question the commissioners’ definition of “rural.” They must be focused on the field between the two and that Niwot is an “unincorporated village,” so named on the community’s webpage.

Travel another minute west along Niwot Road from the subdivision and one arrives at Niwot High. The area farther west to Longmont Diagonal Hwy. and a mile north and south of the church’s property is dominated with homes and businesses. So, basically, the Rocky Mountain Christian Church property is situated on the current edge of town.
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