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‘Miracle Michele’ is coming home

Michele O’Donnell is heading home! The 42-year-old mother of four will return home on Sat., Jan. 29, at 1 p.m. She will be greeted by family, friends and supporters in a “grand celebration” complete with balloons and fireworks at her Alma Lane home in Superior.

O’Donnell is “Miracle Michele” on the blog John O’Donnell started for his wife where posts tell her story. Since she left home a year ago, she’s undergone multiple surgeries, overcome numerous infections, been in and out of drug-induced comas, and engaged in lots of intense physical therapy.
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Residential chickens a good idea

Good for Bob and Daryl McCool of Superior for getting the chicken ban reversed, a move all local communities should make. Think about the reasons of smell and noise sounded for not having chickens in residential areas. Now, compare that to dogs. Chicken noises are a lot less intrusive than dogs barking. And the smell of unattended chicken coops isn’t any more unpleasant than unattended backyard dog kennels. And, as far as chickens attracting predator wildlife, so do dogs and their food.
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