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Dumpster divers deserve arrest?

The University of Colorado is threatening scavengers diving into its Dumpsters with tickets and arrest. They’ve even posted “no trespassing” signs up on Dumpsters. Why? Have there been scavengers injured and suing for damages? Have there been returns because what scavengers picked up wasn’t exactly what they wanted. The color wasn’t right after they took it home? Continue reading

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Naked bikers an affront to decency

It’s about time Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner says officers will hand out tickets for indecent exposure to nude riders in the Naked Bike Ride in downtown Boulder tomorrow. They knowingly will be exposing their genitals in view of someone else in a manner that causes an affront or alarm. Basically, that is the criteria for a ticket for indecent exposure, so they should get that ticket. Continue reading

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